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In many organizations people and the way they interact with each other are the catalist for business success. Collaboration, adequate and efficient communication, knowledge capture and access to the right information when and how you need it helps to integrate business units and to increase cohesion between functional roles and responsibilities.

Focuss on getting the right people engagement integrated while at the same time optimising processes is something that many companies are not yet exploring.

People do business with people not machines or apps.

Most companies that are already focusing  on Customer Experience are usually doing that from a single touchpoint perspective – an individual transaction with which a person interacts with part of your business and or product-service offering. Yet much is to gain when seeing this in a more holistic, contextual manner throughout all potential touchpoints and their full journey.

I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

– Einstein –


Most people belong to a community or network, in and outside of their organisation.

Whether you are in charge to increase collaboration across business units,  within your own team or if you are responsible for innovation, creating and facilitating these so called ‘ co-creation ‘ social spaces is essential. This is were the ‘collective intelligence’ or brainpower of your company can come together. These are places where data and people connections can be turned into information and subsequently into insights and wisdom that drive innovation.

And they are everywhere in your organisation!

Of course, digital – collaborative platforms are there to help but only if they don’t become the goal themselves.