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About us

Let me introduce myself,  Liselore Ammerlaan ( 1972 ), studied in Rotterdam from 1990 to 1994 graduating with a bachelor degree in International Management.  I  started my career in different commercial functions before joining IBM in 1999.


“It was there I was introduced to software supported collaboration for the first time and I guess found my passion for connecting people through the use of technology. This remained the red ‘ thread ‘ in all my jobs and I added change transformation and innovation to these purposes around 2005 when asked to lead a program initiated to better integrate the existing IBM divisions (hardware-software-services).


    Adapting to Change

I do not believe that the area I chose to work in was a coincidence. I have grown to believe that change is a constant factor of life and as such can either work for you  – if you are open to it –  or against you, if you are not. Using technology to facilitate this change whether it is in socializing, learning, playing, or working can help us advance in many ways .


In the many roles I had within IBM I have seen many large organizations struggle with the pace and speed of change and innovation. The transformation that is needed to stay ahead of the game is often too much and people are not always conscious of their attempt to hold on to all the things they are used to. Often the lack of real connection between people is the biggest hurdle that I was facing. Why do something for someone else if you only relate to him or her from a line of business context ? Digital technology can help to cut through silos that were created and facilitate a better understanding and transparency. But in order to introduce these new ways to provide people with insight and connection one has to understand the overall ‘ benefit ‘  to a larger system and be willing to ‘experiment’.


This makes change management such a hard job for IT because almost everything they do involves some kind of change.  Most of us are ‘ averse ‘ regarding adoption of new technology unless we can see the personal benefits very quickly.


Understanding the human flow

With the knowledge I gathered over the years coming from sales, going into solutions, business development and later in more consulting roles, I kept my true passion which is: connecting people to people by using new technologies that help them on their path towards change.


This is why I founded ‘  Mysocialsymphony ‘ !


Now, I am able to walk the path that I see ahead in a way that is personal and driven by my own values and vision.


We humans are already more connected that we think, technology is just a facilitator helping us. In the years to come we we will see much more of this “designing IT inspired by nature”  (just think about the recent wearable movement) until one will flow naturally into the other and our next generations will not even remember how it was to live without!



– Liselore –